Chemical and Oil Spillage

On Arrangement

This half day course has been developed to provide those responsible for managing and dealing with hazardous materials.  It is essential that all such employees understand the principles of site safety, spill control and environmental protection.

The course content has a degree of flexibility so it can more accurately represent the industry of the delegates.

The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with the health and Safety Legislation, associated guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Environment Agency.


This course is aimed at supervisors and operatives responsible for managing and responding to spillages from hazardous substances.

Delegates are not required to have any previous knowledge.


At the end of this course you delegates should have:
  • An understanding of the legal requirements 
  • An enhanced understanding of the current best practices and techniques
  • Knowledge of Personal Protective Equipment
  • An understanding of the steps involved in dealing with a spillage
  • The ability to recognize hazards and to develop emergency plans
  • Knowledge of the types of spill control equipment and its application
  • Knowledge of the procedure for summoning assistance
  • The knowledge to implement the 8 steps to handling chemical spillage incidents
  • Knowledge of safe disposal options of the waste from the clean up


The course content will cover:
  • Review of modern health and safety law
  • Working environment
  • Identifying hazards and implementing control measures
  • Handling hazardous substances and personal protective equipment
  • Developing an emergency plan
  • Responding to a hazardous spillage
  • Spillage control points
  • Spillage control equipment and containment products
  • Beat practices and techniques
  • Full practical spill response demonstration and exercise scenarios


Half day