Electrical Safety Awareness

On Arrangement

This 1 day training course is delivered with the aim of ensuring that the attendees:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of electricity and electrical systems
  2. Fully understand the dangers associated with electricity and electrical systems
  3. Are able to use safe working practices when working around electrically operated equipment
  4. Are able to identify electrical hazards
  5. Are able to carry out simple electrical tasks related to their job role  


Definitions and understanding of fundamental electrical quantities and terms

  • voltage, current, power, resistance
  • units of measurement of the above

Electrical Supplies

  • single phase 230V, three phase 400V, DC

Simple Electrical Circuit Operation

  • simple circuit fundamentals (applied voltages, current flow etc)
  • understanding how energy demand related to the electrical supply

The Dangers of Electricity

  • electric shock, arcing, burns
  • applying the basic circuit principles to hazardous situations
  • examples of electrical accidents
  • examples of prosecutions
  • excessive current and it???s potential harm

Electrical Protection

  • electric shock protection (earthing, RCDs)
  • over-current protection (fuses, MCBs)

Electrical Connections

  • the dangers associated with inadequate electrical connections
  • the requirements for safe and secure electrical connections
  • examples of good and bad connections

Safe Working Practices

  • ensuring safe and reliable electrical isolation
  • the essential requirements when working around live equipment

Overview of Regulations and Codes of Practice

  • Electricity at Work Regulations
  • In Service Inspection of Equipment