Fire Safety Awareness

On Arrangement

This half-day course covers all the basic requirements under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). 
Delegates will gain a greater awareness of the dangers and causes of fire, the threat posed by fire to people, property and business continuity. 
The routines and fire procedures specific to delegates??? place of work can be incorporated into the programme. 
Delegates gain practical experience of operating portable fire extinguishers to enable them to deal with small fires. 
The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with the Department of Communities and Local Government Fire Safety Guides and the current legislation.


This course is aimed at all employees, especially new members of staff, to help them identify and reduce the risks from fire in the workplace. 

The material is suitable for delegates with no experience in Fire Safety.


At the end of this course you should have:
  • understanding of the importance of good fire safety management 
  • understanding the nature and behaviour of fire 
  • knowledge of their safety duties under the law 
  • skills to recognise the importance of effective evacuation 
  • a greater awareness of fire hazards in the workplace 
  • awareness of how to prevent fire or limit its impact 
  • understanding of the importance of fire safety, signage and the meaning of the signs you encounter 
  • ability to identify the requirements of an effective fire action plan 
  • ability to identify and use a range of portable fire extinguishers on live fires. 


The course content will cover:
  • assessing fire hazards 
  • routine fire prevention measures 
  • basic fire science 
  • fire fighting equipment 
  • how fire spreads 
  • fire drills and evacuation training 
  • fire action plans 
  • portable fire extinguishers 


Half day (3 hours approx)