NPORS Slinger Signaller

On Arrangement

This course is designed to provide information and practice on the operation and legal requirements of carrying out lifting operations in a variety of industries. In a safe and controlled manner. This information is essential to any person who intends to carry out lifting operations, whether as a slinger/signaller, the person who is attaching the load to the crane or as the competent person in charge of lifting operations as per Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 98). Training is an essential first step in reducing damage and injury. PUWER 1998 (9) requires all people who use such equipment, to receive adequate training to supervise / manage its safe use.



Those wanting to learn how to sling loads correctly and guide crane operators with loads (Operators / Supervisors or Managers) within the scope of any working activity they are employed to carry out.



Current Legislation - (HASAWA 1974 / PUWER 1998 / LOLER 1998)
Operator safety video(s) - (Plan your slinging)
Pre Use Checks & Maintenance of Lifting Equipment (Record Keeping and Reporting)
Slinging Techniques
Identifying the hazards associated with lifting operations
Selecting the correct equipment and safe method of slinging for loads
Load movements and their effects on crane stability
Calculating safe working loads
Signalling of crane movements using standard code of signals BS7121
Handling loads of various weights and dimensions
Theoretical Assessment
Practical Assessment

Accredited or in-house training is available but all training is done to the NPORS standard.