Pneumatics Level 1

On Arrangement

A "hands" on understanding of pneumatics including the principles of compressed air supply, the structure and function of pneumatic devices and practical pneumatic circuit examples.


Students, apprentices, machine operators, foremen, technicians, draughtsmen, engineers and distribution sales staff (internal & external).
Suitable for anyone who could come into contact with pneumatic systems or components.


To be able to design, assemble and test basic pneumatic circuits.
To be able to read and explain a basic pneumatic circuit.
To be able to identify the DIN/ISO symbols for pneumatic components
To be able to identify the features and operation of pneumatic components.


Understanding the principles of air.
Understanding the need for good air filtration.
Understanding the construction and function of the various components used in a pneumatic system, namely:

Filters, regulators and lubricators
Single-acting and double-acting cylinders
3/2, 5/2 & 5/3 way valves
Flow controls
'OR' & 'AND' function valves
Quick exhaust valves
Pressure regulators
Time delay valves

Using the above knowledge, the attendee will participate in a number of exercises which cover the design and build of basic pneumatic circuits, by using the correct symbols and numbering system in accordance with DIN/ISO standard.