Small Boat Fire Safety

On Arrangement

With a recent spate of fires involving small boats and pleasure craft in the UK, it is becoming increasingly important for the owners and operators of small vessels to be aware of the safety issues when afloat.

This half day course has been designed to help and encourage all those who deal with small boats/pleasure craft.


Owners and operators of small vessels.  Including marina operators, yachting and sailing clubs.


At the end of this course candidates should have:
  • An understanding of current legislation
  • A greater understanding regarding pyrotechnic safety and stowage
  • An understanding of the hazards associated with fuel and re-fuelling
  • An understanding of the hazards, storage and use of Gas cylinders
  • A greater understanding of CO
  • A greater awareness of how to plan your escape
  • A greater understanding of how to operate a portable fire extinguisher safely
  • An awareness of how to prevent a fire or limit its impact
  • Developed an ability to identify fire hazards
  • Developed and ability to identify and safely use a range of portable fire extinguishers on live fires    


The course content will cover:
  • Current legislation
  • Pyrotechnic safety and stowage
  • Re-fuel offshore
  • Petrol safety
  • Gas cylinders
  • General fire safety
  • Fire science
  • Theory of combustion
  • Extinguisher types
  • Principles of extinguishment
  • Extinguisher use


Half day (approx 3 hours)