Fire Extinguisher Training
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This 2 hour course covers the basic operation of portable fire extinguishers including fire blankets. 

Delegates will gain the necessary knowledge and skill to safely operate a portable fire extinguisher. Additionally, the delegate will develop the awareness of when and when not to tackle a fire.

Delegates gain practical experience of operating portable fire extinguishers to attack small fires when safe to do so.
The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government Fire Safety Guides and the current legislation.


This course is aimed at all employees, especially new members of staff, to help them identify what fires can be tackled and the safest methods to do so, thus reducing the risks from fire in the workplace.
The material is suitable for delegates with no experience in Fire Safety.


At the end of this course you should have:

Understanding of how combustion occurs
Understanding of the classifications of fire
Understanding of how fire spreads
Knowledge and skill in the principles of extinguishment
Understanding of the different types of fire extinguishers, the fire class they are designed for and how they operate
Ability to identify when it is safe to tackle a fire and how to do so
Hands on experience using different types of extinguishers on live fires


The course content will cover:

Theory of combustion
Fire triangle
Fire classes
FIre spread
Principles of extinguishment
Basic rules for fire fighting
Extinguisher types
Principles of extinguisher use
Practical extinguisher use


2 Hours

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